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SHAM - high-level seismic tests of piping at the HDR

: Kot, C.A.; Malcher, L.; Steinhilber, H.; Srinivasan, M.G.; Hsieh, B.J.; Schrammel, D.; Costello, J.F.

United States, Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington/D.C.:
Transactions of the 16th Water Reactor Safety Information Meeting. NUREG/CP-0096
Washington/D.C., 1988
Water Reactor Safety Information Meeting <17, 1988, Gaithersburg/Md.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer LBF ()
acceleration; Beschleunigung; Betriebslastenanalyse; Betriebslastensimulation; earthquake simulation; Erdbebensimulation; frequency spectrum; Frequenzspektrum; Ganzzellenversuch; Kraftwerk; Kraftwerksbau; operational load analysis; operational load simulation; pipe line; power plant construction; reactor construction; reactor safety; Reaktorbau; Reaktorsicherheit; Rechenverfahren; Rohrleitung; Spannungsanalyse; stress analysis; theoretical method

As part of the second-phase testing at the HDR (Heißdampfreaktor) Test Facility high-level seismic experiments were performed on an in-plant piping system to study the response of piping subjected to seismic excitations. Various dynamic pipe support systems, ranging from very flexible to very stiff support configurations have been investigated. In general it was observed that the peak dynamic support loads, at least at some locations, were significantly higher than those predicted by the design calculations.