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Sensorsystem und Herstellungsverfahren sowie Selbsttestverfahren

Sensor system for detecting thermal radiation, e.g. in motor vehicle - has heating resistor to produce heat for testing sensor elements mounted on substrate.
: Rothley, M.; Zabler, E.; Jaehne, R.; Schieferdecker, J.; Simon, M.; Storck, K.

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DE 1997-19735379 A: 19970814
DE 1997-19735379 A: 19970814
EP 1998-114542 A: 19980803
DE 19735379 A1: 19990218
EP 898159 A2: 19990224
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NOVELTY - The sensor system includes a substrate (15), on which several sensor elements (10) are mounted. The sensor elements each produce electrical signals based on the thermal radiation they receive. A self-test device such as a heating resistor (53) produces heat by which the sensor elements are warmed. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - A method of manufacturing a substrate for the sensor system is also claimed. USE - For infrared radiation detection using, e.g. a thermopile. For use in motor vehicle, in which all sensors are tested when the vehicle is started up. ADVANTAGE - The system operates reliably. DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING(S) - The drawing shows several embodiments of the invention in combination. sensor elements (10); substrate (15); heating resistor (53).