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Sensoren fuer die selektive Bestimmung von Komponenten in fluessiger oder gasfoermiger Phase

Sensors for the selective determination of constituents in liquid or gaseous phase
: Schmidt, H.; Hutter, F.; Haas, K.H.; Obermeier, E.; Steger, U.; Drost, S.; Endres, H.-E.

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DE 1985-3526348 A: 19850723
DE 1985-3526348 A: 19850723
EP 1986-904807 AW: 19860723
DE 3526348 A1: 19870205
EP 231305 B1: 19900530
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The description refers to sensors in the form of field effect transistors and capacitors which are suitable for the qualitative and quantitative determination of analytes, e.g. molecules or ions in liquid or gaseous media. A special application area is the selective determination of the presence and concentration of gases. The sensors are characterized by the fact that they have a sensitive coating made of a heteropolysiloxane.