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Sensor zur Detektion von oxidierenden und/oder reduzierenden Gasen oder Gasgemischen

Gas sensor with parallel-connected metal oxide detector strips - for detecting oxidising gas, reducing gas or gas mixture.

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DE 1997-19718584 A: 19970505
DE 1997-19718584 A: 19970505
DE 19718584 C1: 19981119
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A sensor for detecting oxidising and/or reducing gases or gas mixtures has two electrodes, at least one of which is a Schottky contact, connected to a metal oxide layer which is in the form of parallel-connected strips (1). Preferably, the strips (1) are 30-500 nm thick SnO2, ZnO, TiO2, WO3, Ga2O3, SrTiO3, ZrO2, V2O5, In2O3 or Sb2O3 strips. USE - E.g. for continuous monitoring of work places and domestic appliances, for automobile air quality control systems and for environment analysis. ADVANTAGE - The sensor can be simply and precisely adjusted for measuring one or more specific gases (e.g. CO, NO, CH4 and/or H2O) by adjusting the number and/or widths of the metal oxide strips and, since the strips are connected in parallel, the overall resistance is reduced.