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Selfcalibrating optical 3D-shape measuring system

: Schreiber, W.; Kirschner, V.; Notni, G.; Kowarschik, R.

Gruen, A.; Kahmen, H. ; TU Wien, Institute of National Surveying and Engineering Geodesy; TH Zürich -ETH-, Institut für Geodäsie und Photogrammetrie:
Optical 3-D measurement techniques IV. Applications in architecture, quality control, robotics, navigation, medical imaging and animation
Heidelberg: Wichmann, 1997
ISBN: 3-87907-311-2
Conference "Optical 3-D Measurement Techniques" <4, 1997, Zürich>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IOF ()
coordinate determination; fringe projection; optical 3D measurement systems; photogrammetry; selfcalibrating

For the description of the relation between the values of measurement and the coordinates in optical 3D-measurement systems different approaches exist. In principle, every method can be treated in the model of photogrammetry. For the coordinate determination the relevant parameters of this model must be known. Basing on the insights a concept of a new system will presented joining the advantages of fringe projection and photogrammetry. Its properties are a high number of points that can be measured, a quick analysis of the measurements combined with simultaneous determination of the system parameters and coordinates. First experimental results will be shown.