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The self-sufficient solar house. Hybrid energy storage system

: Heinzel, A.; Ledjeff, K.

Arden, M.E.; Burley, S.M.A.; Coleman, M.:
Solar World Congress. Vol.3, Part I
Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1991
ISBN: 0-08-041690-X
International Solar Energy Society (Congress) <12, 1991, Denver/Colo.
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ISE ()
Brennstoffzelle; catalytic combustion; electrochemical energy conversion; elektrochemische Energieumwandlung; Elektrolyse; Energiespeicherung; fuel cell; hydrogen technology; katalytische Verbrennung; solar energy storage; solare Energie; Wasserstofftechnologie; water electrolysis

For an energetically self-sufficient solar house, a very efficient and maintenance-free energy storage system is required. Therefore, a special hybrid storage system is under construction consisting of a lead acid battery, a pressure electrolyser for hydrogen and oxygen generation, pressure vessels for gas storage and a fuel cell for redelivery of electrical energy by conversion of the gases. This system will meet the needs of the household for electrical energy and also for high temperature heat by combustion of hydrogen.