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Adjustment of micro-optical components by a carefully measured tapping. An intelligent driving method

: Siebenhaar, C.; Guyenot, V.

Borgmann, H.:
Actuator '96. Conference proceedings
Bremen: AXON Technology Consult, 1996
International Conference on New Actuators <5, 1996, Bremen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IOF ()
actuator; adjustment; algorithm; alignment; anchor; Ausrichten; clamp; electro-mechanical hammer; Faserkopplung; feedback; fibre adjuster; fibre connection; fibre optic; four-axis adjustment; friction; impact; Impuls; impulsive force; Impulsmagnet; incremental motion; Justieralgorithmus; Justieren; Lateralverstellung; mechanical impulse; mirror manipulator; opto-electronic sensor; plunger; position adjustment; Positionieren; Reibung; Rückkopplung; Schlag; Schlaghammer; Schrittantrieb; schrittweise Bewegung; single-mode fibre; Soll-Istwert-Vergleich; Spiegelanordnung; spring-loaded component; step-by-step drive; stepped movement; Stick-slip-Effekt; Stoß; Stoßfaktor; strike magnet; stroke; transfer of momentum; two-axis adjustment

An effective and universally useful means of adjustment in the realm of precision engineering and microoptics becomes possible with the realization of a new drive. In contrast to traditional adjustment methods, the mechanical component will be situated in its final position before the adjustment process starts. Specific mechanical impulses (momenta) generated by a striking mechanism are transmitted to the mechanical component or its housing (carrier). This results in minute linear or fine angular motions. Prototypes of the electromechanical striking mechanism have been researched and developed. The arrangements make possible the adjustment of mirror, of fibre to fibre or of fibre to opto-electronic sensors. The measuring system with PC-based algorithm allows fast and exact positioning of these components.