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Science-based Technologies: University-Industry Interactions in Four Fields

: Meyer-Krahmer, F.; Schmoch, U.


Research policy 27 (1998), pp.835-851
ISSN: 0048-7333
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
Lock-in; National innovation; Path-dependence; Technological-scientific community; University-industry interaction

In recent years, the co-operation between industrial firms and universities has increased considerably, but the interaction pattern in different technological fields is not uniform. In science-based fields, undiversity departments have a distinct focus on basic research and the major interest of industry is the observation of science. In less science-based fields, the solution of technical problems is a major concern of industry. In all fields, the exchange of knowledge in techno-scientific communities is a cucial element of interaction. In Germany, strong intra-disciplinary ties between universities and industry in mechanical engineering obviously imply an insufficent openness to, and integration of, new technologies. The particular combination of a long-standing culture of co-operation and the economic success in the mechanical industry can be interpreted in terms of a specific path-dependant evolution of a stable sector of the national system innovation, but with the tendency to loc k-in effects.