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Schraubvorrichtung mit einer frei positionierbaren Schraubspindel

Torquing device with a freely positionable torquing spindle
: Fischer, G.; Rueger, V.

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DE 1987-3704844 A: 19870216
DE 1987-3704844 A: 19870216
DE 3704844 A1: 19880825
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The description refers to a torquing device consisting of a torquing spindle which can be freely positioned by means of a handling device and in particular by means of an industrial robot. The torquing device according to the invention is characterized by the following features: the torquing spindle is attached to the supporting arm of the final axis of the handling deivce offset to the axis, - the final axis of the handling device has a gipper which is arranged in such a way that it permits the space- and position-controlled handling of the screw, screw auxiliaries and/or screw-on parts. This enables the trouble-free screw-joint operation even with inclined torquing operations and with a handling device only having low path precision.