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Schnelle Identifikation von Kunststoffen mit schneller Nahinfrarotspektroskopie

Rapid identification of plastics with fast near-infrared spectroscopy
: Eisenreich, N.; Kull, H.; Thinnes, E.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie -ICT-, Pfinztal:
Waste management of energetic materials and polymers
Pfinztal, 1992 (Proceedings of the International Annual Conference of ICT 23)
ISSN: 0722-4087
Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie (Internationale Jahrestagung) <23, 1992, Karlsruhe>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ICT ()
absorption spectra; acoustooptic-tunable filter; near-infrared spectroscopy; plastics; polymer; reflection spectra; selection process; transmission

The reuse of polymeric wastes is based on a selection process that distinguishes pure materials from unknown and contaminated mixtures. This selection process is necessary for recycling and upgrading of the polymers as well as for materials to be pyrolyzed or incinerated. One possibility of identification is the Near-InfraredSpectroscopy (NIRS). The Absorbtion- and Reflectionspectra in this wavelength range are specific for the molecule structure ("finger prints") and sometimes contain information about additives. In the following a new type of NIR-Spectrometer, based on an acoustooptic-tunable filter and controlled by a transputer system is described. This spectrometer gives the basis for the fast acquisition and evaluation of the complex data which is necessary for the identification of polymers. The use of this spectrometer in a polymer sorting machine still requires some development.