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Adhaesionssteuerbare ultraminiaturisierte Oberflaechenstruktur

Adhesion-controllable ultraminiaturized surface structure

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To avoid or selectively increase particle adsorption or adhesion on flexible or rigid materials, extremely miniaturized (in submicron range) planar electrode strips (22;42,44;52) are applied to a surface (21;41;51) to which high-frequency pulse sequences can be applied in order to create travelling or standing electrical surface waves, whereby the electrodes themselves are combined by means of dielectric materials (23;43,45;53) or insulating materials tested for their biocompatibility, and thus are partially or fully covered. The type of electrical control in combination with the characteristics of the surface layers covering the electrodes determines the adhesion properties of the surface largely independent of the base material used. The particles are carefully influenced in their movement. For the first time it is possible to influence particles in highly physiological nutrient solutions.