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Schichtsystem zur Beeinflussung des sich durch Reflexion an einer Substratoberflaeche ergebenden spektralen Farbeindruckes

Interference colour modification layer for transparent substrate - consists of transparent material having refractive index identical to or equal to the square root of that of substrate.
: Gombert, A.; Glaubitt, W.

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DE 1997-19727223 A: 19970626
DE 1997-19727223 A: 19970626
DE 19727223 A1: 19990204
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A reflection colour modification layer, for one or both sides of an optically transparent flat substrate, consists of optically transparent material having a refractive index which is the same as or equal to the square root of the refractive index of the substrate. Preferably, the layer is 80-700 nm thick and consists of a mixture of air and solid material produced as a sol-gel layer, a periodically structured rectangular grating with a sub-micron periodicity or an etched surface layer. USE - In lighting, solar technology or architectural glazing applications, e.g. automobile headlamp bulbs and solar facades of buildings. ADVANTAGE - The layer provides individually adjustable interference colours (especially blue, purple and yellow tones) without reduction in transmission of the transparent (glass) substrate, is an inexpensive single layer having transmission enhancing properties and, especially when in the form of a porous sol-gel layer, withstands temperatures of up to 1000 deg. C.