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Schaltung fuer einen Mikrowellenherd

Circuit for a microwave cooker
: Koethe, H.K.

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DE 1993-4309202 A: 19930322
DE 1993-4309202 A: 19930322
DE 4309202 A1: 19940929
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a circuit for a microwave cooker, whereby a DC power supply is provided to supply the same and a DC voltage battery and auxiliary devices such as safety equipment, lamps, display devices, timers and voltage controllers for the magnetron as well as the magnetron itself, whereby a DC/DC converter is provided to supply the high voltage for the magnetron which basically consists of a transistor circuit, a control device and a high-frequency transformer with a downstream diode rectifier, and operates at a frequency of over 1 kHz