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Schaltbares, mikrooptisches Strahlenumlenksystem

Micro optic lens light deflector.
: Tholl, H.D.; Gross, M.; Gloeckner, S.; Goering, R.; Schreiber, P.

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DE 1997-19749799 A: 19971111
DE 1997-19749799 A: 19971111
EP 1998-120543 A: 19981030
DE 19749799 A1: 19990512
EP 916971 B1: 20050209
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NOVELTY - The micro-optic lens light deflection system has a pair of sliding micro-optic lens screens (18,20) behind each other, sliding across the light ray line. The lens screens (18,20) are arranged as an intermediate imaging in the image plane (12). The lens screen of one screen (18) are collection lenses with diffusion lenses for the other lens screen (20). The lens screens (18,20) are transparent in the ultra violet, visible and infra red light spectra. USE - The lens array is for high resolution imaging systems. ADVANTAGE - The lens array is simple and compact, and can be controlled easily by conventional actuators with short switch times.