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Adduct formation and its unimolecular decay in the reaction of OH eith toluene

: Zetzsch, C.; Witte, F.

European Commission:
Mechanisms of gas phase and liquid phase chemical transformations in tropospheric chemistry
Brussels, 1988 (EUR 12035)
COST-EUROTRAC Meeting <1988, Norwich>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
aromatic; hydroxyl; nitric oxide; rate constant; toluene

The formation of the adduct toluence OH is investigated by monitoring OH in the presence of toluene by resonance fluorescence, where OH is produced by flash photolysis of water vapour. The optimum temperature region for the investigation of the reaction of the toluence-OH-adduct with scavengers is observed to be between 303 and 354 k, where biexponential decay curves can be observed in the present experiments. Tests of the reaction of the benzene-OH-adduct with NO show that the flash photolysis/resonance fluorescence method is suitable for the determination of the rate constant for the reaction of NO with aromatic-OH-adducts.