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ADBS - a tool for designing and implementing the man-process interface for different users

: Grimm, R.

Johannsen, G.:
2nd IFAC/FIP/FORS/IEA Conference on Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Man Machine Systems '85. Preprints
Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1986
Conference on Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Man Machine Systems <2, 1985, Varese>
Conference Paper
dialog system; display system; human-computer interaction; industrial process; power plant; user-adaptive dialog

The development of dialog systems for the man-process interface should take into account the different demands of different users. Classical programming of these tasks would mean very high costs. Solutions have to be found which also allow user-adaptive dialogs. Different forms of adaptivity in man-process systems are defined, such as flexibility, adaptability by identification, manual adaptability by the system designer, adaptability by the end-user, adaptivity concerning momentary process situation and user reactions. One solution is described then, which allows procedure-oriented construction of methods and its implementation within the dialog system: The dialog system has an invariant kernel and shells of input and output processing procedures, communication procedures as well as specific function procedures. Dynamic linking and parametrizing of the procedures is obtained by means of control lists for different methods (that means combination of procedures). The costs of interpreti ve processing are kept low; still, a fixed inflexible connection of the procedures (as in classical programming) can be avoided. The principles have been implemented in a system for process monitoring and control of conventional power plants as well as for industrial processes with different display and control functions. Results of these implementations are presented in the form of implementation costs and necessary alterations for different applications. (ZV)