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A sampler for total suspended particulates with size resolution and high sampling efficiency for large particles

Ein Gesamtstaubsammler mit Größenauflösung und guter Sammeleffizienz für große Partikel
: Dunkhorst, W.; Holländer, W.; Pohlmann, G.

Particle characterization 6 (1989), No.2, pp.74-80
ISSN: 0176-2265
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
aerosol; aerosols; dust sampler; particle dust; particle size distribution; Partikel; Partikeldurchmesser; Staub; Staubsamler; wide range aerosol classifier; WRAC

For a field intercomparison of various widely used dust samplers, a reference instrument was needed. Based on a Wide Range Aerosol Classifier (WRAC), several improvements were introduced compared with the original design including mass flow control of the samplers and the plenum air, brushless three-phase blowers, hyperbolic inlets and generally a more compact design, allowing for more comfortable operation. In addition, for measurement of small particle size distributions, a Hauke high-volume, low-pressure impactor (LPI 150/0.15) was included, so that size distribution information with cuts at 0.12, 0.30, 1.19, 3.14, 10.2, 20.4, 37,4 and 60 mym could be obtained. In addition, the aspiration efficiency was measured under in situ conditions and parallel measurements were performed with the two reference samplers built so that performance was well characterized.