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A routine method for the determination of the TVOC content in wallcoverings using headspace gas-chromatography

: Meininghaus, R.; Fuhrmann, F.; Salthammer, T.

Fresenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry 356 (1996), No.5, pp.344-347
ISSN: 0937-0633
Journal Article
Fraunhofer WKI ()
sponge; DEHP; vinyl chloride monomer; chamber concentration; industrial solvent

A method for the fast routine analysis of the total content of volatile organic compounds in wallcoverings and paper products was developed, using headspace gas-chromatography for quantification. 57 wallcoverings of different types were investigated. Typical components were toluene, methyl-ethyl ketone, methyl-iso-butyl ketone, n-butyl acetate and iso-butyl acetate, all compounds being used as industrial solvents. The TVOC concentrations are calculated in toluene-carbon equivalents and ranged fron 0.31 µg/g to 1789 µg/g with an average value of 123.22 µg/g and a median of 20.37 µg/g. To obtain an estimation of VOC-concentrations in indoor air, 10 selected wallcoverings were also analyzed in a 1 m3 climate test chamber. A correlation between headspace data and chamber concentrations could not be observed, which might be a result of increased analytical uncertainties at low emission rates under chamber conditions.