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A Robot System for Automatic Waste Sorting

: Schraft, R.D.; Wolf, A.; Erhardt, S.

Italian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association; Italian Society for Industrial Robots; International Federation of Robotics:
27th International Symposium on Industrial Robots 1996 : 6. - 8.10. 1996, Milano
Mailand, 1996
International Symposium on Industrial Robots <27, 1996, Mailand>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Abfall; Abfalltrennung; Fernbedienung; Greifertechnik; gripper; man-machine system; Mensch-Maschine-System; Müllsortierung; Mülltrennung; Roboter; service robot; Serviceroboter; Sortieren; Sortiergerät; Waste sorting

A broad spectrum of service job opportunities herald a robotics renaissance - service robots. Examples of diverse application fields are cleaning, inspection, disaster control and waste sorting. It is widely accepted that service robots can significantly contribute to better human working conditions, improved quality, profitability and availability of services. In order to improve safety at workplaces IPA developed a service robot for waste sorting using in a first step components out of existing industry equipment. The modular system is intended to upgrade existing sorting plants.