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Rheological properties of silicon carbide hot-moulding slips

: Lenk, R.

Duran, P.; Fernandez, J.F. ; European Ceramic Society:
Third Euro-Ceramics 1993. Proceedings of the Third European Ceramic Society Conference. Vol.1: Processing of ceramics
Castellon de la Plana: Faenza Editrice Iberica, 1993
ISBN: 84-87683-05-3
Euro-Ceramics (ECerS) <3, 1993, Madrid>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
ceramic; grenzflächenaktiver Stoff; Heißgießen; hot moulding; injection moulding; Keramik; rheological property; rheologische Eigenschaft; silicon carbide; Siliziumcarbid; Spritzguß; surface active substance

At all casting processes, the flow behaviour of moulding formulations plays an important role. In thermoplastic slips for hot moulding maximum solid contents at optimal rheological properties are necessary. For the stability of the green parts against deformation during dewaxing, a significant yield stress is favourable. At higher shear rates the flow character of the hot moulding slip has to be near-newtonic. Strong effects of dilatancy have to be avoided. The topic of the paper is the investigation of the rheological properties of hot moulding slips for manufacturing of sintered silicon carbide. The influence of the flow behaviour of hot moulding slips on the binder composition, on the specific surface area of the SiC-powder, on the solid content and on temperature are discussed. For that purpose both model systems and thermoplastic slips for manufacturing have to be examined.