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Requirements of logistics to packaging systems and to the packaging industry and their ecological effects

: Frerich-Sagurna, R.

9th International Logistics Congress '91. Proceedings
3 pp.
International Logistics Congress <9, 1991, Utrecht>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
Abfallrecht; circular system; German legislation; Mehrwegsystem; packaging problem; packaging regulation; return system; Umweltpolitik; Verpackungslogistik; Verpackungsverordnung; waste law

The logistic observation of the goods distribution in combination with the return of product, especially of packagings, is an essential contribution to the reduction of packagings. The packaging-reduced goods distribution processes are realised according to following premisses: avoiding, reducing, recycling, These priorities are stipulated in the German legislation (Abfallgesetz (waste law) and Verpackungsordnung (packaging regulation )) and they will almost probably become a part of other European legislation.