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Relationship between elastic anisotropy and texture in metal-matrix composites

: Salama, K.; Spies, M.

Ultrasonics 28 (1990), No.6, pp.370-374
ISSN: 0041-624X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
elastic anisotropy; metal-matrix composite

The relationship between elastic anisotropy and texture in two metal-matrix composites has been developed under certain conditions. Using measurements of the six independent ultrasonic velocities V in samples of the aluminium alloys 8091 and 7064 containing up to 20% SiC particles and the formulation given by Bunge, the fourth-order expansion coefficients of the orientation distribution function are determined. The Young's moduli in different directions are also obtained from ultrasonic velocity measurements. Linear correlations between anisotropy described by Young's moduli and texture determined by orientation distribution function expansion coefficients are obtained, and confirm developed relationship for two-phase metal-matrix composites. This result shows that ultrasonic measurements provide a technique for the characterization of texture and elastic anisotropy in these materials.