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Cleanroom handling system
: Geissinger, J.; Haegele, M.

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DE 1991-4106617 A: 19910301
DE 1991-10349 U: 19910301
DE 1991-4106617 A: 19910301
DE 4106617 C2: 19940915
DE 9110349 U1: 19920220
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The description refers to a cleanroom handling system which comprises a multi-axis handling unit to which is attached a gripper fitted with gripper jaws for handling waters, carriers or similar, and which is controlled by a control unit. The handling system according to the invention is characterized by the fact that the handling unit comprises a basic part, which consists of two axes whose movable parts are arranged outside the handling part in such a way that the flow is continued to such an extent that the handled part is continuously sprayed with cleanroom fresh air, and also comprises a connecting flange by means of which the basic part can be connected with further elements.