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Regeleinrichtung der sitzpositionsabhaengigen Lage eines Bildschirmes, einer Tastatur und/oder eines Mousepads

Control device for the position of a monitor, a keyboard and/or mousepad depending on the seating position
: Wittig, T.; Dangelmaier, M.; Gueldner, M.

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DE 1994-4424146 A: 19940708
DE 1994-4424146 A: 19940708
DE 4424146 C1: 19951123
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a control facility for the seat-dependent position of a monitor, a keyboard and/or a mousepad preferably used at monitor workplaces, whereby the position and inclination of equipment connected to the computer can be adapted to changing seating positions in order to retain ergonomically favourable conditions. A motor drive sets the position of the monitor (1), the keyboard and/or mousepad via an evaluating and control unit as a factor of at least one signal of a sensor (S) representing the seating position.