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Load suspension device in a storage and retrieval unit for high-bay warehouse
: Schroer, W.; Jodin, D.; Becker, R.

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DE 1992-4235576 A: 19921022
DE 1992-4235576 A: 19921022
DE 4235576 C2: 19951019
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The load suspension device is for placing in storage racks storage containers which it grabs on the floor. Part of the load suspension device is located on a carriage which can be extended to either side, on which two chain drives are mounted, said chain drives guiding two carriers. For loading purposes, the carriage drives out until the ends of the chain drive are suituated at both sides of the storage container. As a result of the movement of the chains, the carriers are introduced in succession into transverse slots on the base of the storage container and the carriage is retracted so that the container is pulled onto the load suspension device. By suitably synchronizing the carrier and carriage movements, the minimum vertical spacing of the storage container is only limited by the thickness of the carrier. Several load suspension devices can be arranged in a stacked order to save space, whereby the resulting vertical pitch corresponds to that of the racks.