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Rechnerunterstützte Fehlerkompensation an CNC-Schleifmaschinen

: Spur, G.; Wehmeyer, K.

ZWF CIM 88 (1993), No.9, pp.375-377
ISSN: 0932-0482
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
accuracy; CNC; constrained coupling; error compensation; Fehlerkompensation; Formgenauigkeit; grinding machine; In-Prozeß-Messung; Schleifmaschine; shape; Zwangskopplung

Computer-assisted error compensation on CNC grinding machines. During complex machining processes like grinding and dressing, a number of geometric errors occur on CNC grinding machines which can be compensated by means of controls. The article introduces, among others, an error compensation method permitting to obtain any superposition of contours during the travelling motion thanks to a constrained coupling of the machine axes. Apart from an improvement of the accuracy of the shape of workpieces, this method also permits to generate selective geometrical corrections such as crownings.