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The realization of dielectrics with a metal-like dispersion.

Realisierung eines Dielektrikums mit metallischer Dispersion

Physical review letters 45 (1992), No.16, pp.8929-8933
ISSN: 0031-9007
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

Novel dielectrics are realized by percolating networks of sub-mym metal particles embedded in conventional dielectric materials. Their dielectric function epsilon = epsilon1 + i-epsilon2 was determined in the range 5 Hz equal/smaller than omega/2-Pi equal/smaller than 10 to the tenth Hz. For the first time a metall like loss-dipersion was measured over frequency intervalls of up to 8 orders of magnitude. The corresponding conductivities are many orders of magnitude lower than the bulk-metall values, however, they are still much higher than for known lossy dielectrics. Systems with a partial partical aggomeration but no percolation, already show enhanced epsilon2(omega)-values but no power law for the frequency dependence. This is in contrast with isolated particles where epsilon2(omega) = const holdes.