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Realisierung eines mobilen Kleinrobotersystems zum Schweißen von Schiffssektionen

: Kirchberger, G.; Seliger, G.

Rostocker Schiffstechnisches Symposium. Fortschritte der Schiffs-, Maschinenbau- und Konstruktionstechnik in Theorie - Experiment - Praxis
Rostocker Schiffstechnisches Symposium <1991, Rostock>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Roboter; Schiffbau; Schweißen

In the preassambly of ship sections manual welding operations take up over 50% of the total working hours. Therefore exists a high demand to decrease production costs in this area, which is predominantly marked by manual labor. The specific conditions in shipbuilding manufacturing leads to some problems, which render the use of conventional welding robots more difficult than in other industries such as car manufacturing. The specific problems are: -large parts to be welded, -high tolerances in cutting and positioning, -low mass production, -rough environment, -often constained acessibility and -difficult and demanding working conditions for specific parts or welds. High emphasis is given for low cost automation, e.g. portable welding robots used as stationary devices or small welding robots, of which two or more can be used simultaneously on varying areas of a part.