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Real time simulation as an instrument for validation of control software, training and process visualization shown at an automated guide vehicle system -AGVS-

: Kockerbeck, G.; Schlichtherle, O.

Modelling and Simulation. Proceedings of the European Simulation Multiconference
ISBN: 0-911801-73-1
European Simulation Multiconference (ESM) <1990, Nürnberg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
AGVS; control software development; logistics systems; operator training; process visualisation; realtime simulation; software test

The increasing complexity of modern logistic systems and the necessary integration into a CIM-environment call for the use of computers. A well tested logistic control software is inevitable for the installation of these systems. Common test methods suchas "black box" - and "white-box" - test are not sufficient and genuine plants are often not available so that new methods of testing are being developed. With the help of an event driven realtime simulation system the real logistic system is rebuild to test the logistic control software. So a test, independent from the genuine plant, is made possible. To decrease the coast for the development of these simulators, it is being created by a formal language that helps to design the logistic control software.