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Rapid Prototyping - Zeitersparnis im Werkzeugbau

: Greulich, M.; Greul, M.; Pintat, T.

Metallhandwerk und Technik 97 (1995), No.11, pp.44-46
ISSN: 0343-012X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
fused deposition modeling; Lasersintern; multiphase jet solidification; Rapid Prototyping; selective laser sintering; tooling; Werkzeugbau

Rapid prototyping systems were designed to reduce the time taken to develop new products. Today available RP systems work with different techniques using paper, polymer and waxes. In order to fulfil the demand for metal prototyping, the Fraunhofer Insitute for Applied Materials Research (IFAM) works on RP systems for the direct production of metallic prototypes and tools.