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Quality assessment of liquid encapsulated Czochralski grown semi-insulating GaAs substrates.

Qualitätsbewertung von semi-isolierenden, nach dem Liquid Encapsulation Czochralski Verfahren gezogenen GaAs-Substraten
: Jantz, W.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallwachstum und Kristallzüchtung e.V. -DGKK-:
Mitteilungsblatt - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallwachstum und Kristallzüchtung. Nr.54
1991 (Mitteilungsblatt - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallwachstum und Kristallzüchtung 54)
pp.19-29 : Abb.,Lit.
Book Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
carrier-lifetime; dislocation; epilayer; Epischicht; GaAs; Substrat; substrate; topography; Trägerlebensdauer; Versetzung

The present quality status of semi-insulating LEC grown GaAs substrates is reviewed. The compensation processes determining the electrical material properties are discussed, emphasizing the dominant role of the carbon acceptor. Structural, optical and electrical inhomogeneities related to the cellular network of dislocations are described, including the potential of annealing procedures to improve the material homogeneity. Analysis of photoluminescence topograms reveals the existence and strongly inhomogeneous distribution of as yet unidentified nonradiative recombination centers. The perspectives of competing Bridgman growth techniques are briefly discussed.