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Quality Aspects of Computer Based Video Services

: Gerfelder, N.

European SMPTE Conference '94. Proceedings
European SMPTE Conference <1994, Köln>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
image quality; multimedia system; Quality Measurement; Video Quality Hierarchy; Video Services

In the context of multimedia and hypermedia systems the aspects of image quality gain rising importance. Two tasks have to be fulfilled. First a suitable quality level of a visual presentation for a specific task in the context of compression and bandwidth limitation has to be achieved. Second, an optimized design of multimedia applications for complete control of the quality of images and video sequences is necessary. This paper gives a definition and discussion of the term quality with respect to the use of video in multimedia applications. Relationships between task oriented presentations, quality aspects and parameters to control quality are presented. A short introduction into the state-of the-art of image quality measurement is given and the advantages and limitations of the single techniques are discussed. The recognition of image quality aspects may lead to image and video quality hierarchies. An example hierarchy, based on existing standards and new proposals is presented and the limitations concerning the relationship between the control of system parameter sets and image quality aspects are discussed. Finally open questions concerning the aspects of image quality and video hierarchies are raised.