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Qualitätssicherung in integrierten Produktionsabläufen

Quality assurance in integrated production cycles
: Gimpel, B.; Köppe, D.; Pfeifer, T.

Schmidt, G.; Steusloff, H.:
Mit vernetzten, intelligenten Komponenten zu leistungsfähigeren Meß- und Automatisierungssystemen
München: Oldenbourg, 1989
ISBN: 3-486-21323-7
Interkama <11, 1989, Düsseldorf>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPT ()
integration; Qualitätssicherung; Qualitätstechnik; Schnittstelle

Today quality has become both an important factor in business and a must for the automisation of product cycles. A lot of quality-techniques are available to assure optimal and trouble free production. - but they are not used consistently. The paper shows a concept, how to give an impact to these methods by the use of an integrated and automated quality information system.