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Qualitative und quantitative Aspekte der Wirtschaftlichkeit von Informationsdienstleistungen

: Müller, R.; Schmidt, R.; Schwuchow, W.

Nachrichten für Dokumentation 41 (1990), No.3, pp.175-183
ISSN: 0027-7436
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
Fraunhofer GMD
Auskunftsdienst; Dienstleistung; Informationsdienst; Informationsnetz; innovation; Referat

The article presents a concept to intensify reference and inquiry activities and to develop supporting information relations among existing information services. Currently observable reservations of small and medium-sized firms concerning an strengthened usage of online-information are treated, actually shown information needs in medium-sized enterprises are characterized and from this position a recommendation to coordinate and to optimize existing inquiry services is derived. The author describes characteristic functions and components of inquiry agencies and points out that the harmonization of inquiry standards is an essential condition to ensure quality in the field of inquiry services. In this context the development of informal networks among inquiry agencies is emphasized as particularly important for an extensive, user-oriented, and efficient inquiry service.