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Qualification of Products for Equipping Cleanrooms

Qualifizierung von Reinraumanlagen und -geräten
: Dorner, J.

Knowledge sharing for the disk drive and contamination control industries
S.l.: PennWell, 1998
Cleanrooms Asia <1998, Singapore>
DataStor Asia <1998, Singapore>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
airflow; certification; cleanroom; cleanroom class; cleanroom suitability; Meßverfahren; particle measurement; Partikelmessung; qualification; Qualifizierung; Reinraum; Reinraumklasse; Reinraumtauglichkeit; Strömungsmessung; Teilchen; Zertifizierung

It's described a qualification method for testing cleanroom products like for example Production equipment, cleanroom clothing (overalls, gloves, etc.), interior facilities (tables, chairs, flooring systems, etc.), measurement and testing equipment, transport equipment, storage installations (carrier, boxes, etc.). The goal is to establish a standardized procedure for the qualification of cleanroom products.