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PVD-Abscheidung von kohlenstoffhaltigen funktionellen Schichten bei niedrigen Prozeßtemperaturen

: Bewilogua, K.; Dimigen, H.; Hübsch, H.; Schaal, U.

Forschungszentrum Jülich, Projektträger Material und Rohstofforschung -PLR-:
5. Präsentation TRIBOLOGIE. Tagungsband
Jülich, 1991
TRIBOLOGIE <5, 1991, Koblenz>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IST ()
abrasive wear; adhesion; amorphous hydrocarbon; friction coefficient; low temperature PVD deposition; metal hydrocarbon coating; rf-sputtering; unbalanced magnetron

Amorphous hydrocarbon (a-C:H) and metal-hydrocarbon (Me-C:H) coatings were prepared at low substrate temperatures. These coatings exhibit excellent tribological properties. It is an important problem to modify the preparation techniques with respect to three dimensional (3D) parts to be coated. Furthermore such films should be applicable for corrosion protection or for the improvement of electrical contacts. Ta-C:H coatings were prepared by magnetron sputtering in the unbalanced mode on substrates having different distances and tilts in relation to the target. Hard and wear resistant a-C:H films have high compressive stresses. Therefore their adhesion on steel substrates can be poor. To improve the adhesion of a-C:H coatings thin metallic intermediate layers were prepared by sputtering techniques. Ge-C:H exhibit promising tribological properties.