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Prozeßoptimierung mit dem Personalcomputer bei der Laser-Oberflächenhärtung von Eisenwerkstoffen

: Lepski, D.; Reitzenstein, W.

Laser : Technologie und Anwendungen. Jahrbuch 1990
Essen: Vulkan-Verlag, 1990 (Laser-Jahrbuch 2.1990)
ISBN: 3-8027-2152-7
Book Article
Fraunhofer IWS ()
functional optimization; funktionelle Optimierung; innere Spannung; internal stress; kinetics of phase transformation; Kostenminimierung; Laser-Rundschichthärtung; laser surface hardening; laser track geometry; Laserspurgeometrie; minimization of costs; optimization of processing; personal computer program; Personalcomputerprogramm; Prozeßoptimierung; temperature field; Temperaturfeld; thermal track interaction; thermische Spurwechselwirkung; Umwandlungsablauf

Laser surface hardening of ferrous materials is going to be used more and more in order to improve the wear and fatigue properties of selected parts of workpiece surfaces. This technique, however, may yield the best possible results and will become competitive only by means of computer assisted optimization of the processing parameter values. Therefore, the interrelationship between processing parameters, essential temperature field quantities, and the track geometry has been derived once for all from a heat conduction model. These relations are represented by model functions, which have been fitted to numerical results and are stored in a data base. By means of the personal computer program GEOPT, which is to evaluate the stored information using an optimization algorithm, those processing parameter values may be determined which yield some prescribed or in a certain sense optimum track geometry under arbitrary conditions. Several examples of applications of this program are demonstra ted.