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Protective coatings based on ORMOCER

Stained glass windows and bronze statues
: Pilz, M.; Römich, H.; Fuchs, D.R.

Surface treatments. Cleaning, stabilization and coatings
Kopenhagen, 1994
Nordisk Konservatorforbunds Kongres <1994, Kopenhagen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ISC ()
conservation; corrosion; outdoor bronze sculpture; protective coating; stained glass

The specific potential of a variable class of inorganic-organic copolymers (ORMOCER) for the field of monument conservation is discussed. Examples are given for different coatings, which offer new perspectives for the corrosion protection of historic stained glass windows or outdoor bronze sculptures. The material properties were adjusted concerning adhesion, weathering risistance, permeability, reversibility and optical appearance. Suitable apllication parameters headed for easy handling under workshop conditions and broad modification possibilities according to the demands of the individual pieces of art.