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Proposal for the standardization of particle measurements at aedia supply components and its realization in practice

: Dorner, J.

Swiss Contamination Control 3 (1990), No.4a, pp.307-309
ISSN: 1011-6710
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Media Supply; particle; particle measurement; particles; Partikelmessung; Projektbericht; Teilchen

With the increasing minimization of printed-wiring conductors the detection of particle numbers and sizes is becoming more and more important in the semiconductor industry. Particle sources are, among others, components (as e.g. valves, mains, pressure reducers, filters, etc.). It will be a main task in the future to measure the particle generation of these components. The target of the guideline is to provide a standardized basis for particle determination in order to be able to compare different components and their particle emission. This proposal has been worked out and tested at the IPA within the joint project Media Supply. The project was carried out at the IPA together with the 34 participating companies.