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Propagation behavior of pollutant emissions of airplanes during take-off and landing phase

: Kühn, V.

Industrial Associates Review 28 (1989), pp.5.49-5.52
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IGD ()
animation; atmospheric simulation; computer graphic; particle system; simulation; visualisation

Most of the pollutants of airplanes are emitted during take-off and landing phases. Systematic techniques for measuring these emissions are either unavailable or unsatisfactory. Due to large natural cloud movement, the effect of vapor trails, soot and photo-chemical smog on the atmosphere has also not been sufficiently investigated. The emission composition consists of different gases and particles. Its behavior is so complex that it is difficult to produce accurate results with classical simulation methods. With particle based simulation techniques and improved meteorological models pollutant emissions can be visualized. Chemical reactions and different weather and environmental influences are entered into the system analysis as boundary and scope conditions.