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Abfallvermeidung in der industriellen Klebtechnik

: Heßland, A.

Fachtagung Fertigungssystem Kleben 1997. Tagungsband
Bremen, 1997
Fachtagung Fertigungssystem Kleben (FSK) <1997, Bremen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
Abfallvermeidung; adhesive bonding; adhesive bonding technology; Kleben; Klebtechnik; Waste avoidance

The study carried out in the field of industrial adhesive bonding technology shows the actual situation for waste production in various adhesive bond processes, the obstacles in waste avoidance and answers to the question which steps are necessary to improve the situation. The study includes a survey in all relevant industrial branches which use adhesive bonding technology. The results of the survey are summarized in eleven statements. There is no general path of waste avoidance - not even for single user branches. Waste avoidance strategies must take place very individually inside the companies concerned related to their special process technology and product properties. The main obstacle is that most users have not yet realized that their adhesive bond process produces an unnecessary amount of waste and where it takes place inside the process. We carried out a package of six measures. The first and most important step is to improve the motivation for waste avoidance (Measure 1 and 5) and to increase the knowledge about the possibilities and technical solutions in waste avoidance (Measure 2, 4. and 5) as well as the understanding of the related legal rules (Measure 3). The development of new special technical solutions (Measure 6) comes last.