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Programmiersystem für Profilschleifmaschinen

: Kraft, M.; Wehmeyer, K.

ZWF CIM 89 (1994), No.5, pp.215-218
ISSN: 0932-0482
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
angular position; collision check; construction with auxiliary line; contour swinging; dressing system; Hilfslinienkonstruktion; Kollisionskontrolle; Optimierung; optimization; profile grinding; Profilieren; Profilschleifen; Programmiersystem; Programmierung; programming; programming system; schwenkbarer Abrichter; simulation; swivel dressing system; Winkelstellung

Programming system for profile grinders. Today, profile grinders permit the production of complex workpiece geometries by using profile grinding wheels. Stationary or privatable dressing tools are used for producing the workpiece geometry on the grinding wheel; this geometry is then reproduced on the workpiece. Suitable programming systems have to make available a number of customized functions which take into account the technological marginal conditions of profiling.