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Ein AAS-Verfahren zur Analyse von Cadmium in Zellstoff und Papier nach dem Druckaufschluß mit Salpetersäure

An AAS method for analysis of cadmium in pulp and paper by pressurised digestion with nitric acid
: Töppel, O.; Knezevic, G.

Papier 45 (1991), No.6, pp.285-287 : Tab.,Lit.
ISSN: 0031-1340
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
AAS; Analyse; analysis; Aufschluß; cadmium; digestion; method; paper; Papier; pulp; Verfahren; Zellstoff

A method is described for the determination of cadmium in pulp and paper and the results of an interlaboratory test are also given. The test solutions are prepared by pressurized digestion with conc. nitric acid in a PTFE crucible. The traces of cadmium are determined by AAS. With this method, and using 1 g samples, it is possible routinely to prove the presence of cadmium with a limit of 10 myg Cd/kg sample.