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Product and manufacturing technology monitoring enhancing the boundaries of strategic innovation management

: Brandenburg, F.; Müller, M.

Khalil. T. ; International Association for Management of Technology:
Management of Technology, Sustainable Development and Eco-Efficiency. Abstracts Book
Amsterdam, NL: Elsevier, 1998
pp.89 (Zusammenfassung)
International Conference on Management of Technology <7, 1998, Orlando/Fla.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPT ()
house of innovation; innovation management; roadmapping; technology management; technology monitoring

The supply of new technology is growing at an increasingly faster pace while it is often difficult for the user to economically exploit this potential in manufacturing and product engineering. However the implementation of new technologies should not be an end in itself. It must be measurable in the increased level of customer satisfaction and business cost reduction. Management is therefore confronted with a dual problem. On the one hand relevant development in technology have to be identified among the overabundance of potentially available information. On the other hand the identified potentially applicable new technologies have to be assessed against the companies as well as the market needs, now and in future. A solution to the first problem is provided by the technology database "TECHBASE" of the University of Aachen. By applying the virtual enterprise concept, Know-how of worldwide technology providers becomes accessible in a format, ready to use for technology pre-selections. T o support further investigation of the potential of a particular technology, access to experts in the respective area of interest is provided. The second issue relates to the generic tasks of technology management. A means to support these tasks is the system for innovation-management developed by the Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Technology. As a result, managment is provided with a raodmap for its technology strategy. This is achived by developing two "product-technology" and "manufacturing-technology" calendars, specific to the company under consideration. Their combination results in a "House of Innovation", which can be used to to assess and prioritize technology applications resulting from either market-pull or technology-push. The application of the tool is illustrated by case-studies.