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Process of partial bulk metal-forming. Aspects of technology and FEM simulation

: Glaß, R.; Hahn, F.; Kolbe, M.; Meyer, L.W.


Journal of materials processing technology 80/81 (1998), pp.174-178
ISSN: 0924-0136
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWU ()
cross rolling; spin extrusion; simulation method; incremental metal-forming method; flow curve model

This publication focuses on near-net-shape forming of rotation-symmetrical workpieces by incremental rolling processes ( cross rolling, spin extrusion). The combination of both processes is essential. The FEM simulation is compared with the model method of shape deformation (FMM), taking into account material. The flow behaviour is described in constitutive equations with respect to temperature and forming speed. The effect of the cyclic load on the material is examined. A description of the major development aims and application range in the process chain is intended.