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Procedure and results of computer controlled durability tests on components of wheel-hub-assemblies

Verfahren und Ergebnisse der rechnerkontrollierten Dauerversuche an Komponenten der Rad-Naben Baugruppe
: Fischer, G.; Grubisic, V.

Innovation and Reliability in Automotive Design and Testing. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference
1992 (Bericht - Fraunhofer-Institut für Betriebsfestigkeit Darmstadt)
pp.97-111 : Abb.,Lit.
Innovation and Reliability in Automotive Design and Testing <3, 1992, Firenze>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Bauteil; Betriebsfestigkeitsversuch; biaxial wheel fatigue testing machine; computer program; Fahrzeugbau; Fahrzeugrad; fatigue life; fatigue strength test; frequency; Frequenz; Last; Lebensdauer; load; mechanical property; mechanische Eigenschaft; Radnabe; Rechnerprogramm; safety; Sicherheit; structural component; torsional loading; Torsionsbeanspruchung; vehicle construction; vehicle wheel; wheel hub; zweiaxialer Radprüfstand

The wheel-hub-assemblies of vehicles are safety components for which the approval under operational loading conditions is of decisive importance. With the help of the biaxial wheel test facility proof of fatigue strength under service conditions can be established. The use of standardized load programmes provides an uniform basis for the approval of the fatigue strength and serves as a court defendable argument should there be a case of product liability. The control principle of the test facility guarantees easy adaptation combined with high accuracy and reproducibility of the test programmes to different wheel loads and vehicle properties. The test procedures include all decisive loading conditions and guarantee a reliable accelerated approval of the durability life of all components of the wheel-hub-assembly. In the test facillity also the simulation of loads acting on the wheel driving the vehicles on a individual proving ground is possible. The variety of simulated modes of failur es on tested components demonstrate the advantages of the biaxial wheel test facility in developing, optimizing and final proof of durability and functionability of the wheel-hub-assembly.