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Primary hydrolysis products of methacrylate-modified Titanium and Zirconium alkoxides

: Helmerich, A.; Chau, C.; Arpac, E.; Glaubitt, W.; Schubert, U.

Chemistry of Materials 4 (1992), No.2
ISSN: 0897-4756
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISC ()
alkoxide; Hydrolyse; methacrylate

Ti(OEt)4 reacts at room temperature with a maximum of 1.33 mol equiv of methacrylic acid. This ratio is retained in the primary hydrolysis product Ti6O4(OEt)8(OMc)8 (OMc= OOC-C(Me)=CH2), which was characterized by an X-ray structure analysis. The monoclinic lattice parameters (space group P21/c) are a= 1412.0 (3), b= 1710.1 (1), c= 1501.9 (2) pm, beta107.458 (7)x, and V= 3479 *10exp(6) pm exp(3). Zr(OPr exp(n))4 reacts at room temperature with a maximum of about 2 equiv of methacrylic acid, and both ÄZr-(OPr exp(n))3(OMc)Ün and ÄZr(OPr exp(n))2(OMc)2Ün were isolated. While the bismethacrylate compound is hydrolyzed to give ÄZrO(OMc)2Ün, the monomethacrylate only reacts with 1.33 equiv of water to yield a compound of the composition ÄZr3O3(OH)(OPr exp(n))2(OMc)3Ün.