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Presentation of product model data - An interface between graphics and CAD

: Klement, K.

Eurographics '90
Eurographics <1990, Montreaux>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
annotation; Computer Aided Design (CAD); data structure; graphical data; Graphics; presentation; product data; rendering; shape; standards; visualisation

The associative visualization of revisable product model data is of great importance for the usefulness and the acceptance of standards in the field of CAD data exchange. The outlines of a separate Presentation module which meets the resulting requirements are developed in this paper. Thereby Presentation is defined as the sum of interfacing areas between Graphics and CAD with regard to product model data visualization. The basic concepts of Presentation are introduced in a top-down approach starting with a global view on Graphics, CAD and standardization efforts in these domains. In a last refinement the linkages of product model data and graphical data primitives and attributes are examined especially those for representing product shape and annotation information.