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Preparation of wear resistant materials in the alloy system Ti-Al-B via the mechanical alloying technique

: Günther, B.; Kunze, H.-D.; Veltl, G.; Yamada, Y.

Advances in Powder Metallurgy and Particulate Materials (1993), No.7, pp.325-336
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
Intermetallische Verbindung; mechanisches Legieren; Pulvermetallurgie; Titanlegierung; Verschleiß; Verschleißfestigkeit

The intermetallic alloy TiAl strengthened with TiB2 dispersoids has a high potential for lightweight high temperature wear resistant engine parts. P/M processing of suitable starting powders by mechanical alloying (MA) was performed in two different ways: a) MA of Ti-, AI- and B-powders, b) MA of Ti-, AI-, and TiB2-powders. MA was carried out under Ar atmosphere with milling times up to 20h. The development of the microstructure during the MA process was examined by optical and electron microscopy. Phase formation during MA was monitored by X-ray diffraction. Parts were prepared by uniaxial compaction of the MA powders. Subsequent sintering under vacuum at 135øC/2h followed by an appropriate annealing stage resulted in MMC parts with densities up to 97% without applying hot isostatic pressing procedure. Excellent wear performance in compressive and tribological testing (LPW-test) at ambient temperature was obtained with route (b) material. A maximum compressive yield strength of 1365 M pa has been achieved with as sintered MA Ti-Al-TiB2 specimens