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Preparation of nanocrystalline materials by PM methods

: Günther, B.; Weiss, H.

International journal of materials & product technology 8 (1993), No.2/3/4, pp.424-429
ISSN: 0268-1900
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
Edelgaskondensation; Härte; Metallpulver; nanokristallines Material; Nanopulver; Pulvermetallurgie

Nanocrystalline solids (nc-) solids with average grain sizes less than 10Onm are most conveniently produced by powder metallurgical methods. This is especially true for reactive powders (e.g., refractive metals) and powder blends (alloys, composites), where mixtures of the components on a nanometer-scale are a prerequisite for obtaining a homogeneous product. We have used the inert gas evaporation as a method to produce and consolidate various elemental powders within a single device. The microstructure of the resulting nc-components (diameter in the range 20 ... 10Onm) have been correlated with the respective mechanical properties. In general, cold-consolidated ultrafine grained elemental metals are characterized by a remarkably high strength